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We are a Polish brand of sports clothing. We started our adventure with the manufacture of thermoactive clothing in 2016. The inspiration for action was the willingness to share our own knowledge and experience, collected over the years in training rooms, in the selection of the right outfit for training. We know how important it is to feel good while practicing sports and how properly selected, fully flexible and adaptable to the body clothing affects it. Our clothing is characterized by a slightly compressive cut that gives support to the muscles during training and a “second skin” feeling. The optimization of the seams and the sewing technology ensure maximum mobility in the joints, and the appropriately selected type of fabric ensures thermal comfort during the entire training. When creating the TREEN brand, we were guided by three goals: high quality products, simple and universal cuts, and above all: creating an outfit that will make it possible to fully focus on what is most important during training. We direct our products not only to professional basketball players, volleyball players and handball players. They are also great outside the training room – for all lovers of physical activity – runners, cyclists or keen crossfit enthusiasts. The satisfaction of our customers gives us the strength to act and the will to constantly improve our clothing.



The sewing process of our thermoactive clothing takes place entirely in Poland – from design, through patterns and sewing to the last detail – the characteristic brand logo. The production is coordinated by leading Polish sewing plant with many years of experience in creating sports clothing. Our clothes are made of special yarns and knitted fabrics, 100% produced in Poland. All other components used in production – rubber, foam pads and other elements also come from Poland – this gives us the confidence that we provide our customers with the highest available quality. At the same time, when deciding on Polish products, the Polish economy is supported. It is emphasized by the colors of the logo – a white and red label on the products.


The biggest challenge and, at the same time, the greatest success in production was to create clothing with pads. As the only company in Poland, we create a type of clothing that combines thermoactive properties with the protection of muscles and joints against injuries. It is unique clothing on a European scale, therefore it is more and more often used by athletes from the leading European leagues of basketball, volleyball and handball. The key to creating these innovative products was to select the appropriate thickness of the protective foam and the optimal foam shapes and spacing between them – this made it possible to create specialized dies. The shape of the dies has been filed for registration with the European Patent Office. The use of the appropriate basis weight and type of knitted fabric, combined with specific foam dies, provides maximum protection with full wearing comfort – our protective clothing does not restrict movement in the joints. These products, apart from keeping joints and muscles at the right temperature during training, protect the most exposed parts of the body against the ground or the opponent. Hence the idea for the slogan: TRAIN even more with the protective clothing!

thermoactive wear with pads


We are a brand that was founded on the initiative of Kamil Łączyński. Two-time Polish champion, who has performed on the league courts for 15 years, a representative of the country during the World Cup, winner of many prestigious awards, including the MVP of the finals. Such achievements of the trophy and the experience gathered over the years in training halls and international arenas make our ambassador perfectly aware of the importance of choosing the right outfit during training and a match. The search for high-quality thermoactive clothing, and above all clothing with protectors, resulted in the idea of ​​creating your own brand. Unpleasant for every athlete, injuries and contusions have followed the desire to create equipment that can reduce the risk of injury. Before being introduced to the market, our products were tested by Kamil in the most difficult conditions, so we are sure that we provide our customers with equipment that will provide them with satisfactory use for a long time.

Interview with Kamil Łączyński, ambassador of the TREEN brand.

What is Treen? – TREEN is a brand of thermoactive clothing, in other words clothing under pants or T-shirt. It is to be used to maintain the body temperature and so that the sweat does not accumulate on the skin and is quickly passed outside. What is noticeable at the end of the training – when we take off the t-shirt, the skin is dry. Why is it so important? – First, it improves personal hygiene, and secondly it creates great comfort of movement. Is TREEN a brand only for athletes? Professionals? Or for fans who will play basketball every once in a while? – For professionals, semi-professionals, but also for amateurs and fans. And not only for those who play basketball, but also for those who run in the evenings around the city, in the morning ride a bike or go to the gym. TREEN brand clothing improves personal hygiene and makes us feel light. Clothes do not weigh us under the weight of sweat, because the sweat is passed outside. Why did you choose this trade? – Shirt closer to the body. When I was younger I was concentrating only on playing basketball, but as I got older, I started to pay more attention to details. For comfortable shoes or socks. It stopped to count for me what is fashionable, and every detail became important, which made me more confident on the floor. In NBA, thermoactive clothing has a long history, so I thought that why not use your image to start a small business. For now a small one but will see what happens next. Where did the idea for the name come from? – I was looking for different inspirations from a surname or a nickname. I was looking for “łąka” (transl. “meadow”) or “łączka” in different languages, but I found nothing interesting. So I started to check the character traits that fit me and I ran into the Albanian “trin”, that is, the brave one. Unfortunately, I could not register my domain or, so I decided that I would change “trin” to “treen”, because English double “e” reads as Polish “i”. Thus, the slogan “poTREENuj z Łączką” (transl. “train with Łączyński”) makes an extra sense … – There’s an idea (laughs). But I would like everyone to remember that the name TREEN is pronounced “trin”. Courageous, like Łączka!