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What is the plan for thowing Polish sport?

The pandemic of coronavirus  froze not only the native economy, but the entire world was hit by a huge slowdown. Due to the ban on grouping and the necessity of isolation, playgrounds, gyms and fitness clubs were closed. However, it seems that our lives are going back to normal in small steps.

Recently, many restrictions have been abolished, and lovers of physical activity can slowly go back to their favorite activities. The government has announced a five-stage plan for thowing Polish sport. Find out what it looks like and when you can go back to the gym or playground.

Defrosting sport – stages

The head of government is well aware of the fact that sport is a very important pillar of the Polish economy. However, not only economic facts speak for gradual restoration of exercise possibilities both in training rooms and in the open air. Sport also has a huge impact on the health and well-being of Poles.

The first two stages are behind us. The government has made available for use (to a limited extent) the so-called “orliki” and school fields. Then, closed facilities, halls, etc. were put at the athletes’ disposal. Of course, they were still quite limited. In the later stages, the government plans to open swimming pools, gyms, etc. The Prime Minister also announces the return of games with the participation of the public, e.g. PKO Ekstraklasa and Speedway Extraleague.

Supporting Polish sport and the domestic economy

Many smaller and larger companies experienced a significant drop in sales during the coronavirus pandemic. Society has adapted to the restrictions and we are slowly coming out of this crisis. However, few people know that we still have a long way to go. In the coming months, it is worth choosing Polish products and Polish producers to help the economy recovering after stagnation.

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