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Customize your favourite clothing!


Personalization of clothes is a fashion that came to us from the West. The inspiration was to create unique things that will stand out and at the same time show the individual character of the person who wears it. If you’re looking for a way to stand out from the crowd or create a coherent image with your teammates, personalization is a great option! In addition, such a service can make a gift for a loved one even more special. We make it possible to add a personalized inscription or graphics to the selected model of clothing. The prints are made in two techniques, and you can decide for yourself which technique suits you best. However, it should be borne in mind that personalization by sublimation is only suitable for white clothing without protectors. The printing techniques we offer include thermal transfer with flex foil or sublimation – both techniques ensure that the inscriptions are durable and resistant to stretching of the material. Making a personalized inscription on the selected garment does not change its properties – the material remains just as flexible and soft.


it is a one-color print, in the “gray graphite” color, matching the color of our TREEN logo. It is best suited for printing first name, last name, nickname or number. The maximum “printing area” is 8cm x 8cm, but with most inscriptions they are 2cm high and 8cm wide.


is a multi-color print according to your own graphic design. It will work best if you want to personalize the clothing by adding your own logo or emblem. The maximum “printing area” is 8cm x 8cm, but it can have any shape and outline. Unfortunately, this form of printing is only suitable for white clothing and is not possible with products with pads!

To purchase a personalized inscription, in addition to the purchased product, add the item: PRINT or SUBLIMATION to the cart. If you choose PRINT, in the comments to the order, describe how your inscription should look like. However, if you prefer a color SUBLIMATION, we will need a vector graphic file to make it – please send it after placing the order to the address Due to the individual nature of the order, its implementation may take up to 14 days.

We personalize the t-shirts by adding a thermal transfer with flex foil (print) or adding sublimation in the lower left corner, just above the seam.

Prints – both in the form of thermal transfer with flex foil and sublimation on the lower garment – tights and knee pads, are made on the back of the leg and at the height of the brand logo.

Below we present some of our projects.