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Strength lies within the team!

Football and volleyball are the disciplines that find the most followers in Poland. Slightly less popular are other team games, such as handball or basketball. Though, despite the time lapse, they are still very popular with us. This is most likely related to the great successes of our national teams (in different disciplines), which in recent years have provided the fans with a lot of emotions.

Team games are based on mutual motivation and cooperation in the team. The goal of the team is to dominate the opponent and gain more points or goals. Victory is possible only through the involvement of the whole team, in which cooperation is valued higher than individual skills. Co-operation and striving for the same goal increases the self-esteem of the players and positively affects their relationships. This makes team games a great way to spend your free time.

You must also remember that they bring not only benefits. Team sports mostly belong to spectacular and contact games. Keep in mind that not all of these contacts are considered as foul. Contact situations that occur during the game can lead to minor or major injuries.

So basketball, football, volleyball, handball … Regardless of which discipline you choose for yourself, Treen shirts and shorts with hip, ribs and knees protectors will allow you to avoid unnecessary bruises.

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