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Interval training

Do you know which training will be best for you? Learn about the different types of physical activity.

Are you wondering what kind of physical activity will be best for you? However, you don’t know exactly what the different types of training are characterized by? Depending on what goal you want to achieve – strengthen and increase muscle mass or maybe reduce weight – it is worth choosing a specific type of exercise. Interval training will be perfect for both. Learn more about interval exercises.

Interval training in a pill

The athletes were the first to use the intervals. The pioneer of this method was Emil Zatopek from the Czech Republic, who, thanks to his skills, stood on the podium of the Olympic Games four times. Interval training is about regulating the variable pace of exercise, and this allows you to burn fat faster while building muscles. We can distinguish two basic interval methods:
the extensive method, which consists in exercising with moderate intensity with a large number of repetitions and short breaks between sets,
intensive method, the main assumption of which is high exercise intensity, short breaks and fewer repetitions than in the case of the extensive method.

What to look for when deciding on interval training?

First of all, it is important to remember that intense movement should prevail during training. It should be intertwined with moderate periods. Strenuous exercise means training to about 90% of your maximum heart rate, moderate training to 60%. In the initial phase of exercise, it is worth using a heart rate monitor, the indications of which will help you determine the pace of exercise. Appropriate clothing is also important for interval training. Thermoactive clothing by Treen perfectly wicks away moisture, keeping you dry. Treen thermoactive underwear is very comfortable, flexible, does not restrict movement, thus enabling comfortable and effective training. A wide selection of clothes means that both amateurs and professional athletes will find something for themselves.

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