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The strangest sports in the world part 2

This is the next part of unusual world sports. As it turns out, the UK is absolutely at the fore in inventing niche, fun and amazing sports. Be sure to check what unusual physical activities arouse the interest of people not only in England, but also around the world.

1. Chess Boxing, which is something for the body and mind

This sport discipline was born in 1922. Its creator is the French comic book writer Enki Bill. The chess box consists of 11 rounds – 6 chess and 5 boxing. Victory can be secured by both knockout in the ring and chess of the opponent’s king. The judge has the option to stop the fight if one of the participants is unable to reach the board.

2. Bog snorkelling – snorkeling in a swamp

Snorkeling is a simple and very pleasant physical activity that allows you to observe the underwater life. Usually you swim in crystalline and warm water. However, in the British Isles you can meet a very unusual variety of snorkeling. Snorkeling in a wetland is an idea of ​​the local pub owner, who wanted to encourage tourists to visit his premises more often. At the moment, this sport discipline is very popular. The Championship is held annually on the last Monday of August near Llanwrtyd Wells, UK. The competitors swim in a ditch in the Waen Rhydd

3. Distance throw… by phone

Modern technologies are designed to make our daily life easier, but sometimes they can also throw us off balance. In Finland – home of Nokia – a telephone throw competition is organized every year. It was created for users who are fed up with lack of reception, interrupted connections and low batteries. The organizer provides old throwing models. The competitor whose phone lands the furthest wins.

4. Extreme ironing

Another sport discipline created by the British. Since 1997, players meet in the most difficult places to iron their clothes. It is amazing that this sport is gaining more and more followers all over the world. Extreme ironing took place, among others, at the bottom of a lake or the top of a tree.

5. Tapati Rapa Nui Festival

This is an annual festival that takes place on one of the Easter Islands (Chile). This is a great way to get to know and taste the Polynesian culture, as well as test your skills in running with bananas on your shoulders or going down a volcano on a banana tree trunk.

As you can see, sport has many names, and apart from competition, it is also important to have a good attitude and great fun. Nevertheless, regardless of whether you want to throw a ball at the Olympics or by phone in Finland, you should be well prepared for each activity. The Treen brand has a wide range of thermoactive underwear, which is perfect for both running training and something more extreme. Treen clothing perfectly wicks moisture away, is flexible, durable and does not restrict movement. Provides a feeling of dryness and exceptional comfort during exercise.
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