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Thermoactive clothing – terms and definitions you should know

Thermoactive clothing has many fans around the world. They are used on a daily basis not only by athletes, but also foresters, miners and representatives of many other professions. Manufacturers very often advertise their clothing, use specialized nomenclature, which for many people is simply incomprehensible.
Here is a mini-glossary of terms related to thermoactive clothing, which we hope will bring you closer to this topic and allow you to better understand the manufacturer’s descriptions.


This is a special type of fabric that is usually used to sew clothes for hiking and climbing. Sofshell clothing is windproof, thus ensuring comfort even in unfavorable conditions. Increasingly, manufacturers decide to additionally impregnate this type of material, which translates into an increase in its water resistance.


It is a term with an extremely broad meaning. Generally speaking, a membrane is a thin, flexible material between two other layers of material. If we are talking about thermoactive clothing with a membrane, it is a “partition” placed between the first and second layer of material, for example jackets or sweatshirts. Membranes have very different properties. They can provide protection against rain (waterproof), optimal air circulation and also prevent heat loss.


Many people think that Gore-Tex is the same as a membrane, but they are wrong. Gore-tex is a membrane, but not every membrane is Gore-Tex. Gore-Tex is a product of a specific company that manufactures fabrics with a membrane, based on Teflon technology.


Many people associate this term with air permeability. However, breathability is a parameter that determines the ability of a material to pass water vapor (sweat) that is produced by the human body. The higher the breathability, the more comfortable and convenient it will be to wear such clothes.


The word waterproofing is used alternatively. This parameter determines how much water pressure the material can withstand without soaking through. The higher the better.

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