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How to prepare for your first visit to the gym?

Many people who are just starting their adventure with the gym, apart from being willing and enthusiastic, do not have any professional preparation. Moreover, few of them realize that a thoughtful approach to exercise is almost half the battle. Find out what to look for when going to the gym for the first time.

Good attitude

Regardless of the type of physical activity, it is important to have a good attitude. As you know, “Rome was not built in a day”, so when you start your adventure with sport, set yourself clear but realistic goals. Losing 2 kilos in a month is fine, but it takes much longer to perfectly sculpt your abs.

Adequate fluid intake

From time to time, during training sessions, especially those that are less intense, you may not feel thirsty. However, it is very important to drink plenty of fluids both during and after exercise. Therefore, after each finished series, take a 30-second break for a sip of water.

Warming up and stretching

Expecting quick results, many people often take “short cuts”, for example, giving up the warm-up. This is a huge mistake. The body needs proper preparation for physical exertion, which helps to avoid injuries and unnecessary pain. It is also necessary to calm down the body after exercise. Stretching all muscles reduces the later feeling of the so-called soreness.

Comfortable outfit

Of course, you can practice in a cotton T-shirt and sweatpants, but it’s not always the best choice. Comfortable clothing for training allows you to focus 100% on the exercises performed and ensures comfort and convenience. That is why it is worth reaching for thermoactive clothes. The Treen brand offers a wide selection of exercise shirts and pants, which thanks to their special properties perfectly wick moisture away and allow the skin to breathe.

Be sure to check out the full range of Treen sports clothing. It is an excellent choice both for people who are just starting their adventure with sport, as well as for professionals. Please visit our online store.

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