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Do you know everything about thermal underwear?

Thermoactive underwear is an excellent choice not only for athletes, but also for representatives of many different professions, e.g. foresters or manual workers. Thanks to its specific properties, it has been accompanying physically active people for many years, and the largest, world-famous fashion houses have created original and unique collections of thermoactive materials. And although it may seem that we already know everything about thermoactive underwear, its users often ask the same questions. Check what else you should see about this type of clothing.

Does thermoactive underwear lose its properties?

Thermoactive clothes are primarily designed to quickly and effectively wick moisture away, thus ensuring dryness and comfort while wearing. That is why it is so often used by professional athletes, cyclists and amateurs of hiking in the mountains. It is worth knowing that thermoactive clothing, like any other clothing, loses its properties over time. Cotton t-shirts wash out and stretch, and thermoactive underwear loses its unique features after several seasons of use. This is a process that cannot be prevented, but can be significantly slowed down by providing the garment with the appropriate care, as recommended by the manufacturer. It is also important to choose good quality clothes, sewn with attention to detail and of high-quality materials. Such clothing is provided, among others, by the Treen brand, which creates clothes from native yarns, and all production is located in Poland. Thanks to this, Treen controls the quality of its product at every stage of production.

Is thermoactive underwear “warm”?

The task of thermoactive clothing is not to warm the body, but to provide it with a constant temperature and thermal comfort. As a result, thermoactive underwear does not “heat up”, but properly worn under a thick sweatshirt or a warm jacket, it ensures optimal body temperature, while ensuring dryness and permeability. Thanks to this, the skin breathes, and we can focus on training or work.

Can the material from which thermoactive underwear is made cause an allergic reaction?

While this is extremely rare, unfortunately, yes. This happens most often when the manufacturer adds, for example, silver ions to his product. Thanks to them, the production of bacteria on the skin is reduced, and thus the perception of unpleasant odors, e.g. after intense exercise, is reduced. It is a modern solution that has many supporters, but it is worth remembering that people struggling with skin problems or a tendency to allergies should avoid such “enriched” clothing. The quality of the clothes and yarns from which they are made is also important. Only high-class materials will ensure wearing comfort, minimize the risk of abrasions and skin allergies. If you are looking for durable and good-quality thermoactive clothing, be sure to visit the Treen online store.

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