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What do professionals most often choose?

Our brand was founded on the initiative of Kamil Łączyński, who since 2007 has been a professional basketball player playing in the highest league in the country and the Polish national team. Thanks to the experience gained by Kamil during training, matches and many conversations with other players, we have created / prepared thermoactive clothing that will work perfectly in all conditions.

Thanks to the knowledge of our ambassador in the basketball community, many players from all over the country began to more and more willingly replace their existing clothing with TREEN products. Due to the regulations related to the possibility of wearing thermo-active clothing during meetings, 3/4 length tights with and without pads, sleeveless shirts with and without pads and knee pads are the most often bought.

Over time, TREEN has also gained popularity among volleyball and handball players.
The former decide most often to buy short tights and shirts with short or long sleeves. The latter, on the other hand, prefer products with pads. The specificity of this discipline, in a way, requires the protection of joints and muscles, because it is one of the most contact team sports. Hence, handball players most often choose short and 3/4 tights with pads and sleeveless shirts with pads.
As in basketball, handball and volleyball, thermoactive clothing must meet the requirements and regulations of global federations (FIBA, IHF and FIVB, respectively).

When sewing products, we took care of the highest quality materials. Production takes place in Poland and is entirely made of materials produced in our country. We are proud that our clothing is becoming more and more popular not only among professionals, but also among young sports enthusiasts and amateurs who value physical activity in good quality sports equipment.

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