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Frequently asked questions about thermoactive underwear

Properly selected thermoactive underwear significantly increases comfort during physical exercises. Perfectly drains moisture away, provides optimal airflow, is extremely comfortable and does not restrict movement. Thermoactive clothing is suitable for both amateurs and professional athletes. Many people wonder how to care for thermoactive clothing and what to look for when choosing it. Here is a list of the most popular questions and answers about thermoactive underwear.

1. How to wash thermoactive underwear?

Thermoactive clothing should be washed after each workout. Most modern washing machines have a delicate “sport” program. It is also worth reaching for special powders and lotions for the care of sportswear. The washing temperature is also important. In this matter, it is worth reading the manufacturer’s label and recommendations. The drying method of thermoactive clothes is also important. They should be hung evenly to provide air supply.

2. Why choose thermoactive underwear with flat seams?

Thermoactive underwear is available in a seamless version, with ordinary seams or flat seams. T-shirts or pants with flat seams or seamless are extremely comfortable and do not restrict movement. However, even seamless underwear, if chosen incorrectly, can pinch and cause discomfort. Thermoactive clothing should adhere to the body and be extremely flexible. The Treen brand offers a wide range of thermoactive clothing that is great for both team and individual sports.

3. Is thermoactive underwear durable?

With proper care, thermoactive clothing will serve you up to several seasons. It is important to wash and rinse it regularly, as well as to dry it properly. It is important to wash sportswear separately. If you put it in the washing machine together with jackets or shoes, burs from other pieces of clothing may destroy it.

4. What are the advantages of thermoactive underwear?

This type of clothing has a lot of them. First of all, it helps maintain a constant body temperature and drains moisture away perfectly. Thanks to this, even during very intensive training, sweat is led out. The skin is dry, which in turn increases the hygiene of the exercises. In addition, thermoactive underwear is flexible and if properly selected, it adheres perfectly to the body, which increases the comfort of training. If you are looking for an excellent quality thermoactive clothing, check out our offer of sportswear.

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