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How to choose the type of thermoactive underwear for the type of physical activity?

Playing sports in ordinary cotton clothing is uncomfortable. These type of shirts and shorts absorb moisture, do not drain it out and do not provide protection against, often, difficult weather conditions. High-quality, properly selected thermoactive clothing ensures comfort during training and maintains body temperature at a constant level, optimal for the human body. Learn how to choose thermoactive clothes for the sport you practice.

What should thermal underwear for runners be like?

It is very important to match the clothing with the size and cut of the runner’s body. The clothes you choose should be flexible and resistant, including for bad weather. It is worth completing the set, which will consist of both lightweight thermoactive clothing and the thicker one, which you can safely wear when the temperature outside drops below 0. Thanks to properly selected clothing, you will be able to focus on the training and thus it will be more effective.

Thermoactive clothing and cycling

Clothes for cyclists are similar in appearance and properties to those for runners. It is important to remember about their proper adjustment so that they do not roll up and provide comfort while riding. You can also buy shorts with an insert that protects against abrasions from the saddle.

Thermoactive clothing for the gym

Due to the constant and optimal temperature inside fitness clubs, you can easily reach for a thinner type of underwear. It is worth remembering that the clothing we choose for training in the gym should be flexible and durable. Thermoactive T-shirts with flat seams are highly recommended, which can completely replace a typical exercise t-shirt. Thanks to this, you will avoid painful abrasions and provide yourself with extremely comfortable training.

Thermoactive underwear for basketball and volleyball players

These dynamic and highly contact sports require appropriate clothing. Above all, the right cut and light material are important. The most important, with this kind of physical activity, is full freedom of movement and good moisture management. The Treen brand specializes in the production of thermoactive clothing, among others for basketball players. Thanks to our own experience gained in the hall, we know what to look for. Treen thermoactive clothing was created by professionals for professionals. Check our full offer.

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