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Is thermoactive clothing fashionable?

T-shirts or thermoactive shorts not only perfectly wick away moisture, but are also comfortable and extremely fashionable. For many years, manufacturers of this type of clothing have been trying to keep their clothing up-to-date with current trends while maintaining all its properties. The greatest fashion designers have also used thermoactive clothes.
Find out how thermoactive clothing made its way from the gym to the world’s catwalks.

Thermoactive clothing on the catwalk

In 2019, many fashion designers were looking for inspiration, going back in time to the 90s. Fashion houses began to create collections based on various parts of sports and elegant clothing from that period. One of the Polish brands has released a series of thermoactive clothes that were perfect for both a romantic dinner and a bike ride. The biggest fashion houses, including Dior and Off-White, followed in the footsteps of Polish designers.

Original combinations

Virgil Abloah – the creative director of the Off-White fashion house and Maria Grazia Chiuri – the main designer of Diora wanted to show in their proposals that thermoactive underwear can be the basis of even the most elegant stylizations. Hence, quite unusual combinations of, for example, thermo-active turtleneck with suit trousers or a t-shirt with an elegant tulle skirt. Although not everyone liked this look, it cannot be denied originality and comfort.

As you can see, thermoactive underwear is suitable not only for training, but also for everyday use. It is very comfortable, and the modern design and various colors of the materials used provide unlimited possibilities of combining it with other garments. As Dior and other famous designers have shown, the only limitation is our imagination.

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