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man stretching his legs

Stretching. What does it give and how to properly prepare for it?

Stretching is an inseparable element of every training. As a result, the body “calms down” after intense exercise, and additionally increases the flexibility of muscles and joints. Stretchig minimizes the risk of injury and significantly affects the reduction of the so-called sourdoughs. Find out what the effects of regular body stretching are and what can be useful for you while exercising.

Stretching not only after training

It is worth knowing that stretching is an excellent physical activity in itself. As part of your training, it is essential, as is a well-conducted warm-up. However, few people know that flexibility training can also be done outside the general exercise plan.

What are the effects of regular body stretching?

There are many beneficial effects of stretching. Stretching de-stresses and oxygenates the entire body, which significantly reduces mental tension and helps maintain good shape. This type of exercise relieves pain and reduces movement discomfort. People complaining about back problems will definitely appreciate and quickly notice the effects of daily stretching. In addition, it is worth mentioning the reduction of the so-called muscular imbalance in people leading a sedentary lifestyle. Professional athletes know perfectly well that stretching not only affects their well-being after training, but also increases their range of motion, which in turn allows them to improve their sports performance in many disciplines. Stretching, although it is not an intense type of exercise, is great for increasing muscle tension by accelerating the process of protein synthesis in the body.

How to prepare for stretching?

First of all, it is worth reading or talking to a personal trainer about which type of stretching will be best for you. Exercises can be performed both in a professional sports club and in the comfort of your own home. It is important to prepare a sufficient amount of space, move away any devices or furniture that could interfere with the exercise or pose a threat. It is also worth choosing comfortable clothing that does not restrict movement. In this case, the thermoactive clothes of the Polish brand Treen, which were sewn from the highest quality materials, will work great. Their flexibility and softness will allow you to focus completely on stretching your muscles without worrying about whether the clothes will adjust. Treen thermoactive underwear is made with attention to detail, which translates not only into its durability, but also into the comfort of wearing.

We cordially invite you to familiarize yourself with the full range of Treen thermoactive clothing.
In the photo above, we recommend long black leggings for a training based on stretching .

thermoactive long tights for men black

Long Tights BLACK

  • Material – 270g / m2 weight, 92% polyester, 8% elastane
  • Breathable knit – allows moisture to escape to the outside
  • A masculine fit and optimized seams give you a full range of motion
  • Slightly compressive cut and elastic rubber – give a feeling of perfect fit to the body
  • Made in Poland from Polish yarns and knitted fabrics

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